Release History

1.4.02014-10-01new Currrency Calculator and FX Rate
1.3.02014-05-26new JDK8 Module
1.0.12006-09-25First release

Release 1.4.0 - 2014-10-01

fixThe JODA YearMonthDay has been deprecated for a while, I removed the calculators, use LocalDate instead.benoitx
addAdded new Currency calculator following issue raised by Ben CuthBert and Scott Sue (thanks guys). Thanks to London FX Ltd, Julian and Stephen for guidelines as well. Fixes 2. Thanks to celerite.benoitx
addAdded way to combine WorkingWeeks by intersection of working Days, eg. WesternWeek.intersection(ArabicWeek) => 3 day weekend (Fri to Sun).benoitx
addAdded new method getNextIMMDates(start, numberOfDays) on IMMDateCalculator. Fixes 3. Thanks to ConradMellinNAB.benoitx
addAdded new module for FX Calculations, requires JDK8.benoitx
addUtils now requires JDK8.benoitx
addAverage to keep min and max values too.benoitx

Release 1.3.0 - 2014-05-26

addAdded new JDK8 module, very similar to Joda. Only this module needs JDK8.benoitx
addReleasing objectlab-utils module, BigDecimalUtil, Pair, Triplet, BooleanUtil etc.benoitx
addReleasing OSGi-friendly modules for DateCalculators.benoitx
addChange interfaces to be more fluent.benoitx
fixFix bug for convention CONV_360E_ISDA.benoitx

Release 1.2.0 - 2010-05-10

addChanged the visibility on JodaWorkingWeek(final byte workingDays) constructor from private to protected. Fixes atid=872036&aid=2853974. Thanks to insumo.marchy
fixFixed DefaultHolidayCalendar when used with java.util.Date / java.util.Calendar holidays. Fixes atid=872033&aid=2963607. Thanks to Aldo Tamburini.marchy
fixRemoved the deprecated constructors that used to take Set of "Date", use the HolidayCalendar.benoitx
fixRemoved the deprecated method DateCalculator.setNonWorkingDays and getNonWorkingDays.benoitx
addThe ObjectLab Kit is now an OSGi Bundle! Thanks to Neil Bartlett.benoitx
fixSpelling for "PRECEEDING" corrected to PRECEDING, deprecated the mispelt name. Fixes atid=872033&aid=1929838. Thanks to Anthony Whitford.benoitx
addEnhanced the KitCalculatorsFactory to be able to get the holidayCalendar names and unregister calendars.benoitx
fixRemoved the deprecated method KitCalculatorsFactory.registerHolidays(Set holidays).benoitx
fixFixed negative moves with Forward Unless Moving Back Handler. Fixes atid=872033&aid=2389053. Thanks to Didier L..marchy
fixRemoved the deprecated constant MODIFIED_PRECEEDING, and related classes.marchy

Release 1.1.0 - 2008-03-25

addChanged JODA dependency to 1.5benoitx
fixfix NPE issue if the calendar name is null.benoitx
addFeature Requests item #1832345, make the Tenor Serializable Fixes atid=872036&aid=1832345. Thanks to Kieron Wilkinson.benoitx
addAdded 2 methods on factory to check if a calendar is registered.benoitx
fixDeprecated ACT/UST and END/365 Day Count Conventions, which weren't very common. Also added a link to some documentation.marchy
addAdded method calculateTenorDates with/without a spot lag to enable calculation of a series of Tenor dates without changing the current business date in the calculator.benoitx
addAdded method moveByTenor without a spot lag to allow tenor calculation based on the CURRENT date and not the spot lag.benoitx
addValid Range via HolidayCalendar. HolidayCalendar should replace the simple Set<E> of dates for holidays. A HolidayCalendar MAY contain an eraly and late boundary, if the calculation break a boundary, an exception is thrown, if there are no boundaries no exception would be thrown. This would ensure that calculations are not going outside the valid set of holidays. Fixes atid=872036&aid=1575498. Thanks to Paul Hill.benoitx
fixThe calculation of Spot date should take into account holidays BETWEEN now and spot (aka moveByBusinessDay). Thanks to David Owen.benoitx
addAdded a standard Tenor 2D. Fixes atid=872036&aid=1601540. Thanks to Anthony Whitford.benoitx
fixSpelling mistake in the code, sorry for breaking your code with this release. Fixes atid=872033&aid=1601542. Thanks to Anthony Whitford.benoitx
addAdded new handler type ForwardUnlessNegative: a handler that acts like a Forward handler if the increment is positive otherwise acts like a Backward handler.benoitx

Release 1.0.1 - 2006-09-25

addFirst official release.benoitx
addFirst official release.marchy